‘My Life as a New York Rock Club Owner’

Rob Sacher – a musician and entrepreneur – is best known for his much-loved Lower East Side rock club The Luna Lounge in New York. We got to know him a few years back, discovering about the kindest, most generous person in the music industry on either side of the Atlantic. We’re now proud to call him a friend, and honoured that he would reciprocate.

Rob’s just published his book ‘Wake Me When It’s Over (‘My Life as a New York Rock Club Owner and the Story of The Luna Lounge)’ and we were real excited when the postman dropped it round the other day. We’re only on page 50 so far (sorry; we’re slow readers) but already his honest and humbling account of his childhood in Brooklyn, and his tales of brushes with Ray Davies, Debbie Harry and a 16-year-old Johnny Depp have had us rapt.

You can buy it here.

And you should.


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