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Hannah Donald
– – –
Hannah began her career over ten years ago with a love for movies and music, spending most of her Bachelor of Music degree watching cartoons. Moving into the world of sync, she assisted music supervisors in film and TV placements before stepping into advertising, music supervision, and publishing administration. Joining 5000 in 2022, she heads up Artist Development

Elspeth Gower
– – –
Elspeth put a Bachelor’s in Geology and Physical Geography and a Masters in Marine, Climate Change and Sustainability to good use by beginning her music life in the live sector, selling merch, then moving quickly into Tour Management. Over her four years on the road, she’s fulfilled various roles with Franz Ferdinand, Emeli Sandé, Mimi Webb, and others, from grimy clubs to Wembley Stadium. She joined 5000 at the beginning of 2023 to oversee our artists’ Live and Merch businesses and still dips her toes into the TM realm from time to time

Giancarlo Sernagiotto
– – –
Venice-based Giancarlo has developed a singular interest for all things legal and rights administration. Currently on a mission to bridge the gap between Western and Asian music industries through his position as Senior International Business Manager at Kanjian Music (China), he also consults for 5000 across its clients’ various projects

Andy Inglis
– – –
CEO and Founder, Andy’s career started in Scotland in 1990, DJing and running raves. He began managing bands and small electronic labels, moving to London in 1997 to continue the work. In 2005 he co-founded The Luminaire, winning London Venue of The Year and UK Venue of The Year in the first two years. He booked Quart – Norway’s biggest and oldest music festival, co-founded Sørveiv Music Summit and The KRS Open conferences in Kristiansand, lectures internationally, and supports mentoring initiatives to help young artists and managers find their way in the music industries. You can see an overview of his 35-year history here

James Jackson, JL Law

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