5000 is a company built around the well-being of its clients and colleagues and our business practices put these considerations first. Decisions are health-led. People are encouraged and supported. Working under pressure is not allowed, time off is sacred. Everyone works a four-day week, has a holiday entitlement greater than Government guidelines, and ad hoc time off is regularly given

We take care of people, protect their well-being, and don’t give them targets to hit or link their value as a colleague or worth as a person to numbers or stats. The company has no financial targets or KPIs. You can read our most recent job ad here which speaks to our ethics and outlines our working practices 

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CEO and Founder, Andy’s career started in Scotland in 1990, DJing and running raves around the country. He began managing bands and small electronic labels, moving to London in 1997 to continue the work. In 2005 he co-founded The Luminaire, winning London Venue of The Year and UK Venue of The Year in the first two years. He booked Quart – Norway’s biggest and oldest music festival, co-founded Sørveiv Music Summit and The Open conferences in Kristiansand, lectures internationally, and supports mentoring initiatives to help young artists and managers find their way in the music industry. You can read his full history here

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