Doffs Poi release debut (mini) album

Doffs Poi are a killer band, and their self-titled debut (through Norway’s Dayladore Collective) is full of surprises. It’s available digitally also on… *double-checks this*… yep, a 50×70 cm poster.

We’ve been struggling to describe them, and we’ve come up with ‘math-jazz’, what with their all-over-the-shop time-signatures and Jimmy-Smith-getting-buckwild-on-crystal meth-keyboards. They’re a three piece: vocals, drums, keyboards, and all three musicians are super-talented. They’ve been compared to bands like Deerhoof, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Animal Alpha and Kobert.

Definitely jazzy though.




Have a listen to ‘Anyhow’ below, and we guarantee that you will have no idea how it managed to start sounding like that, and end up like that. And where you’re done, check this live footage. Check those squelching synth pads. Check the control Mia Marlen Berg has over her voice.


Buy it.


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