Hanne Hukkelberg gallery and reviews, London, 30 April 2012

Some of the best shots from Hanne’s first UK show in over two years, from our friend Karen Tofterå at Shot on Stage, plus reviews from Clash and Dalston Sound.

Clash Music
“Surely the most innovative, mesmerising and disquieting set this venue has seen in a while, full of the discordant arrangements that make Hukkelberg’s sound so distinctive. Unsettling and utterly compelling, as Hukkelberg resigns herself to her demons, and we along with her, after what has been a journey through the underworld of her mind.”
Read the review by Theresa Heath

Dalston Sound
Hukkelberg’s magnificent, unstressed voice carries the weight of songs that are variously confessional, yearning, and rawly emotive. The set takes an increasingly dramatic arc through all these moods, and the intimacy of their delivery forges a real communion with the audience – a gratifyingly full house. Overstatement isn’t Hukkelberg’s style, and it’s the sense of her music unfolding a personal psychological dramaturgy that holds her audience in thrall.”
Read the review by Tim Owen


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