*We had over 150 applications and the vacancy has now been filled*
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Please note:
The ideal candidate will live in Scotland, and while we’re open to the idea of you being elsewhere (see below for more on this), it will benefit your application if you can detail the many benefits of your location, beyond the ability to take meetings for the company. We’re regularly in London, have a direct train link, and collectively lived and worked there for 30 years

5000 is an artist management company committed to the mental and physical health of its clients and colleagues, and we’re looking for someone to join us. A small team that works very closely together in support of each other, we manage two artists via four labels across five artistic projects with responsibility for all aspects of their global careers

Ali Lacey: Novo Amor
Ed Tullett: Lowswimmer, Hailaker, Tolari, Lissom

The role we seek to fill is varied, with a couple of focus points. We don’t expect the successful candidate to be able to tick every box below, and while there will be some scope to carve out a role that best suits and interests you, we would initially have our new colleague focus on the following areas:

• Building a global and environmentally responsible merchandise business for our artists, including product development and marketing
• Investigating how our artists’ touring businesses can become more environmentally sustainable, and implementing processes to achieve this
• Assisting with touring logistics, while being mindful of the mental, physical and emotional toll touring can exact on those on the road, and considering how we can tour in ways that are kinder and gentler on our artists and their crew

There’s no reason why this role couldn’t be filled by someone who has an interest in management, touring and environmental responsibility but has only a little experience in them. Similarly, it could be filled by someone who has experience in one or all, to varying extents. It’s essential, though, that they have great enthusiasm for artist management. In any event, the successful applicant’s salary will reflect their experience

There will also be opportunities to get involved across the company’s entire business, depending on your experience of / interest in the following:

• Campaign Strategy
• International development
• Sponsorship and branding
• Writing and collaborations
• Data analysis and leverage
• Business and legal affairs
• Catalogue management / registrations
• General administrative support of the Management Team

Again, we don’t expect the successful candidate to be fully conversant in all of these areas, so don’t worry if you’re not. We had a think about what a week-in-the-life might look like, and you can read that here

The successful candidate will ideally
• be Mac literate
• have a head for numbers, spreadsheets and logistics 
• be organised, a good problem-solver and lateral thinker, able to juggle a number of things at once, and take the initiative when it’s needed
• be conversant in social media 
• have a positive familiarity with 5000’s artists 
• have some experience in artist management or be really keen to work in artist management 
• be mindful and protective of their health, and empathetic to the health of others
• live in Scotland (or be willing to move there, with 5000 helping with relocation costs) and be able to travel by train or bus (not car or plane) once a week to Edinburgh or Glasgow. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker; applicants from further afield – including abroad – are very welcome to apply, and outline how their location could be of great benefit to the business*. Please do, however, in your email to us, tell us where you’re currently based or where you’re going to be based in the near future, and why this location will be of great benefit to the company and its artists

The successful candidate will not 
• have to work evenings, weekends, or under pressure

5000 is offering 
• A full-time position
• A friendly, kind, respectful and safe working environment
• A salary between £24,000 – £33,000, depending on experience and location*
• A four-day week (ideally you’d take a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday off)
• A generous holiday entitlement
• Flexible working hours
• A signing-on fee
• Bonuses
• A pension
• Training courses
• A MacBook Air (yours after 24 months)
• Noise-cancelling headphones (yours after 6 months)
• Custom-fitted ear protection (yours immediately)
• Field trips around the UK and abroad for both working and learning opportunities 
• Access to Edinburgh’s Gleneagles Townhouse to work and socialise

If this sounds like you, or close enough, please email Andy and Hannah at and say hello. If you don’t have a CV, that’s fine; you’re very welcome to apply in any way you feel best represents you, and you don’t need to worry about gaps in your CV or having a higher education. Regardless of the outcome, all will receive a response, and feedback if requested

Interviews will be in-person and online, and by the time the successful candidate joins us, we’ll have met a number of times. It’s more important that our ethics and values align than it is your skillset matches exactly what we’re looking for, or that your experience or qualifications are extensive, though it would be great if your experience somewhat aligns with the areas listed above

Interviews will begin in November with the aim of the successful candidate starting at the beginning of January 2023

Application deadline is 15 November 2022

*with some locations being significantly more expensive in which to live than others, we’d take this into account in salary negotiations if the successful applicant doesn’t live/work in Scotland