Thea & The Wild

Formerly fronting Oslo quintet Norma Sass, Thea Glenton Raknes returns with The Wild in tow, and where her previous band was all technicoloured pop, this sees Thea fuzz it up, dabbling with the Blues ever so slightly, but still retaining a throbbing pop heart at the core, keeping time with hand-claps, a growling kick-drum, layering the chorus with a deep baritone which underscores her spectacularly distinctive, mellifluous voice. Half-English, Raknes always put her shoulder into her lyrics and here she brings a weariness to the table that belies her years: “Trying hard to seem / happy on the face of it /and God knows I’ve had practice…”. Let’s hope her shows at by:Larm lift her spirits.

Thursday 14 February, 2030, in the tent on Youngstorget
Friday 15 February, 22:00, at John Dee (our preference)


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