The Live Music Industry in 15 hours

Reprising his 2011 series of lectures for MusicTank at Westminster, Andy Inglis returns, on Monday 27th February – and every Monday in March – for more considered opinion, debate, and swearing.

Covering everything from ticketing, festivals, overseas markets, touring, funding, venue management, marketing, promotion and health and safety, and festivals, Inglis (why am I referring to myself in the third person here?) has forged twenty-two years experience in the fire of the UK and Norwegian music industries, but time has not diminished his passion/anger nor blunted his tongue. In fact, since vowing to never open another venue, he feels more free than ever to put the boot in wherever necessary and, of course, sing the praises of those who are customer-service-minded, and who seek to improve conditions among the lower reaches of the musical landscape.

“A very enjoyable course. A great mix of information, frank discussion, humour and profanity. A pint down the pub afterwards was also a great way to network and have a general chat about the course. Monday nights will never be the same again!”
– Andy Knight, RGS Entertainment

Each Monday evening (1800-2100) from 27th February to 26th March. More details here.

“Andy delivered a “crash course” on the UK-live scene at Promus – the music community in Aarhus, Denmark – with three concentrated hours of serious insight into the structures of the live industry, the players and the sometimes horrific conditions, all mediated with humor, true stories, criticism and a captivating flow. We had a full house of music professionals from many areas of the live music environment, and the response to his lecture was really positive.
– Jesper Mardahl, manager, Promus

Andy will be joined (saved?) by the following guest speakers:
Dominique Czopor, Venue Owner, The Boileroom & Founder, we:Live
Jonas Vebner, Music Export Norway, head of London office
Carina Jirsh, Mean Fiddler, National Promoter
Sofia Hagberg, End of The Road Festival, Director

More on his lecture history here.


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