Johnny Hostile releases debut single

Co-founder of Savages‘ and Lescop‘s Pop Noire label and producer of Savages, Lescop, HTB, and John And Jehn, Johnny Hostile has finally found time to release something of his own.

The 7″ vinyl features ‘Jehnny’ and ‘Del Rio’, inspired by two of the most important women of his life: his partner Jehnny Beth and 1970’s pornstar Vanessa Del Rio.

“I’m not gonna hide behind any lies” – says Hostile on his blog – “so yes, my performance on stage is highly influenced by Suicide’s Alan Vega. I’ve got no pretentions about giving you something completely new: I perpetuate an old tradition of Rock & Roll and I’m proud of it. My love for the great live performers  is infinite. Vega, Interior. Verlaine, Reed, Bowie, Elvis, Cash, Piccioto, Byrne, Smith, Brown, Jackson, Kuti, Plant, Cave…”

You can buy the download here, buy the vinyl here and get a taste of it live here then, if you’re in the mood, you can hit him up on Facebook, see if he’ll show you his special tattoo.

[Cover shot by the talented Mr. Colin Lane]


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