Hanne Hukkelberg announces fourth album ‘Featherbrain’

Hanne Hukkelberg‘s fourth album – Featherbrain – will be released on Propeller Recordings on 17th February 2012 (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), 20th (UK) and 24th (Norway) and the only way we could be more excited about it would be if, on release day, she walked into our office with her band and played the whole thing in front of us.‘Noah’ is arguably Hukkelberg’s finest track to date: a gorgeous, haunting song, opening with her magnificent vocal, both discordant and mellifluous, backed by treated piano and a quiet heartbeat, gradually building to a crescendo of layered voices, strings, a quickening pulse, falling away like a firework’s embers, leaving us caught between stillness, and an anguished lunge for the ‘repeat’ button.

“It’s the way that the absurdly diverse instrumentation of ‘Featherbrain’ dovetails together that reveals the true depth of Hanne Hukkelberg’s talent. And her voice is as versatile as her instrumentation, shapeshifting to suit the mood and moment.”
– The Wire

Hanne Hukkelberg – Noah by Propeller Recordings


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