East India Youth

The Quietus¬†published their alternative to the Mercury Music Prize yesterday. Imagine the hospitality industry having an award ceremony for their favourite cereal. That’s how dumb the Mercury Music Prize is. But no matter. The Quietus have published their own, far more deserving list, called The Jovian Bow Shock Prize 2012, with the winner to be “selected from a dozen long players, chosen to represent the health and vitality of the UK music industry.”

Among the fine list we found East India Youth. And we fell in love, particularly with a track called ‘Hinterland’ from their as-yet unreleased ‘Total Strife Forever’ album. We don’t know anything about them, other than they/he/she/it make great music. Inventive, atmospheric, enveloping music, such as we have not enjoyed in quite some time, and we thoroughly commend it to you.

We’ve linked to the whole album below. If you’re not keen on killer, analog-y, minimalist Detroit techno, bound together with pulsating, glitchy, electronic ribbons, the likes of which we’ve not heard since Underworld’s 1994 opus ‘Dubnobasswithmyheadman’¬†then skip ‘Hinterland’ (you fool) and start from the top. For our money, there’s hints of Andy Weatherall’s 1993 Essential Mix for Radio 1, Maps, Rothko, The Postal Service, Vangelis, Gold Panda.

*album removed pending 2013 release*


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