When we were out on the North American tour in May, we visited KEXP in Seattle to record (and have filmed) a four-song session. You can watch it here, or below, and view Charina Pitzel‘s fantastic photography too…

“In this stunning set, William Doyle brings his alter-ego project, East India Youth, into the KEXP live room, unfurling a collection of intriguing tunes from his April 2015 release, Culture of Volume. Marshalling strange, ingenious ideas into coherent, interesting pop music, East India Youth flirt between genres; with a mix of IDM, soft rock, and prog-pop all rendered with an amazing level of detail, with no expense spared. From the electric boogaloo of “Hearts That Never” to the the distorted guitars of “Looking for Someone” this is a live set that deserves to be listened to on expensive headphones”

Our thanks to Charina, and to Joseph, Kevin, Evie and Tilly


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