The fourth and final single from East India Youth’s TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER  album has been announced as HINTERLAND, to be released on 15 September 2014 on Stolen Recordings. A video for the track, directed by Dan Tombs, is being premiered on Thump, and you can watch it below.

HINTERLAND (Katja Waske remix)

12″ vinyl
HINTERLAND (Katja Waske remix)

Will talks about it:

“Despite being an anomaly on the track listing of ‘TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER’, in many ways ‘HINTERLAND’ has been one of the most crucial tracks in the development of East India Youth over the last couple of years. It has evolved more than any of the other tracks since its original mix, mainly due to playing it live, seeing how audiences were reacting to it and figuring out what I could do to manipulate the sound of it in that setting. Its evolution has been coloured by my forays into the dance music world, going to raves at Corsica Studios, the many 12″s I’ve bought over the last 3 years and the large amount of classic dance music passed on to me by many people I admire and respect. Since I began working with my manager, we’d always talked about putting ‘HINTERLAND’ out as its own 12″, backed with a harder remix and no further embellishments.  I’m glad that as we’ve seen this album through and watched it grow a life far beyond what we originally imagined, that we’re now able to tie up this loose end and bring out a limited number of vinyl copies of the track for your listening and dancing pleasure.

I felt it was important to also capture a live performance of ‘HINTERLAND’, since it’s been a staple in my sets over the last year. A cathartic crescendo to the ever increasing tension of what comes before it. I originally approached video wizard Dan Tombs – who I’d worked with on the Wild Beasts UK tour for my live visuals and who also professionally distorted the music video for ‘HEAVEN, HOW LONG’ – to see about attaching some visuals to a live recording of the track. However, Dan came up with a better idea and that was to film me playing the track live whilst he manipulated some bespoke footage in real time. Thanks to Marcus Williams at Stew Gallery in Norwich and the helping hands of Jonathan Allen, plus many favours Dan was able to pull in for gear, we’re proud to bring you this unique audio visual experience. As you’ll hear, the live version of the track is more rigid in structure than what appears on the album, but it is also a heavier slab of 4/4 kick drums and droney, atmospheric counterparts.

Similar to the way ‘HINTERLAND’ has ended my sets in 2014, this release now also marks the start of the final chapter of ‘TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER’. We hope you enjoy it.”


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