CULTURE OF VOLUME released today (7th in North America)

A message from Will…

CULTURE OF VOLUME is finally out today on XL Recordings, April 7th in North America.

You can get it right here.

Where TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER looked inwards and was about the need for escapism and freedom, CULTURE OF VOLUME sees a more outward looking approach – one fuelled by coming out of isolation and being thrust into a wider and more open social circle, one that I’ve experienced during my time in London over the last three years, as the East India Youth project has gone from strength to strength. Whilst this new album still deals with the internal, the anxiety, its own flaws and its own skeletons, it does so with a conversation and an audience in mind, far from the monologue of the first album. Its main influence has been a strong environment and a connection with people, two things that the recording of TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER lacked. As such, this has also had a great impact on the sonic qualities of the record and could not have been completed without the trusted ears of Graham Sutton, during the mixing phase, and the attention to detail taken by George Hider while recording the vocals – the wider focus on which also marks a step forward in the EIY sound. I’d like to thank both of them along with all other people who have helped add to the colour of this record. I’m really proud of this album and the progression it has taken and I really hope you, the listener, will enjoy it too. I’m looking forward to playing you the new songs on tour this year, the dates of which can be found at Stay tuned as we add further shows to the list.
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There’s still a few signed 12” double vinyl albums and CDs left in the online store.

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