Ed Tullett is Lowswimmer. Known for his ongoing collaborations with Novo Amor, and his varied artist projects Hailaker (with Bristol-based artist Jemima Coulter), Lissom (with French pianist Julien Marchal, released on Naive) and Tolari (with lifelong friend Auryn Tate who records as Shinamo Moki, released on Nettwerk), Tullett has finally released solo material: twinned albums ‘Glasshouse 1 & 2

GH1 is an expansive, sprawling collection of cinematic, dark and beautiful songs with collaborations including S. Carey and Novo Amor, while GH2 is a raw, stripped-back record focussing on the bare elements of Tullett’s songwriting. These first works precede Lowswimmer’s debut album proper to be released worldwide on AllPoints (Believe) before the close of 2023