Born in Oxford, England, in 1993, Ed Tullett is a prolific producer and songwriter.
Recently, Tullett has been working with Jemima Coulter, amongst others, on their collaborative open-ended project Hailaker. Their first two songs, ‘Rainmaker / Earthbound‘, were released October 2018, an album followed in May of 2019.

Tullett’s work includes ‘Heiress‘, a 2017 collaborative record with Welsh alt-folk artist Novo Amor, after their singles “Faux” and “Alps” in 2014 and 2016 respectively. He also co-writes most of Novo Amor’s solo material, including his full debut album ‘Birthplace‘, released October 2018.

Tullett writes and produces for many other artists, including Oliver Spalding and JJ Draper.

In August 2018, ‘Lissom‘, a collaborative album with French pianist Julien Marchal was released.